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As stated previously, Mario is working on establishing a national business so details about that enterprise will not be divulged. The only thing he is willing to broadcast is the fact that it was inspired by God. It’s a long story and he will be writing an e-book about what happened.

Unfortunately because Mario's job often had unpredictable hours during certain times of the year, and because he was running a not for profit corporation, and heavily involved with the Boy Scouts, it became virtually impossible to remain active in both our Traditional and Internet based businesses. After trying to make a go at it again and finding that time was just not cooperating, it became necessary to suspend our business activities outside of our careers. Over time that included various other activities as well. It wasn’t a popular decision but was necessary as Mario was burning the candle on both ends. Mario has never been scared of work and was always busy.

We still maintain the Romualdo Enterprises Group for future use if things change or for consideration of our son if he so chooses to go into business for himself in the future. There would already be a major Internet presence available to him. We will still be maintaining our business Internet domain names unless someone
offers us a reasonable offer of course.

In today’s culture, laziness is celebrated and hard work condemned, yet the people who cry about being “poor” are those unwilling to work hard and put in effort. In our mind, there should not be one person who does not aspire to do well. We all should try to do better than our parents and as parents strive to prepare our children to do better than we. It is in our nature. To achieve -- succeed! Remember that not trying fails 100% of the time.

Mario once overheard a conversation at work between a couple of co-workers who were discussing the game of soccer. The "anti-soccer" person made the point that Americans do not like soccer because the game is very slow. It is not unusual for game scores to be 0-0 or 1-0. That makes sense. We want fast. We want points! This is how we define success.

The "pro-soccer" person then made his point which was that "Soccer is a lot like life. We all struggle and work hard and then every once in a while someone scores a goal and we all celebrate." Mario liked this analogy because in a way it's true, however even in soccer you have some people that do more work than others.

Success usually does not come looking for you. You have to look for it, and not be afraid to take chance and walk through the open doors. You must also be the person in charge of your own future. Have you ever told someone that you were thinking of going into business for yourself? Most of the time that person will try to talk you out of it. “You can’t do that” and so on.

Everyone who dreams of being successful must be willing to do several things. First, be prepared to push other peoples' opinions out of your decision, and next understand that you must be willing to put in the effort to attain success. Be prepared for long hours, low pay, much work and aggravation but if you put your "nose to the grindstone" and keep your focus on the future, America allows you
the opportunity to succeed. Once you do however, the government begins to do things to knock you off the hill, by telling you that you must give them more. It's not fair that you work 60 hours a week and make a lot of money while some people sit at home wake up at one o'clock in the afternoon and watch television all day. Why should YOU have all of that money? This was basically the reason we needed to close down Federal Cleaning Company. The regulations started to hurt financially. The government is the first one out there with their hands out when you start a business, and are the last ones there when you close up shop. Why?

In most cases, you cannot become wealthy by working for someone else. A J-O-B really means "Just Over Broke!" Think about it. They usually pay you just enough to keep coming back everyday.

Mario is not an economist but he took notice of an economic theory which to him pointed out why people in other countries "think" differently about money and wealth and work.

One of Gladys' cousins could not understand how things work in the US. The thinking (and this is a long time ago) was that if you make $60,000 a year and buy a $60,000 house, why would you need a 30 year mortgage if you can pay for it in a year? Good question, but people don't realize that you also have other expenses and taxes to pay and costs associated with the loan, plus today you cannot find a home for $60,000.00 anymore.

One of Mario's aunts was visiting the United States and they happened to go shopping with the family. She stopped and was admiring an item at the store. She said that she liked it and wanted to buy it. Gladys, being the shopping pro who loves spending her husband's money then asked her, "Well why don't you just buy it?" Here was the reply and it hits the nail on the head -- "I'm not going to buy that. Its three days' pay."

There it is! As Americans we think of things in terms of dollars. If you go out to dinner, and it costs you $150.00 you say great! One hundred fifty dollars. Now just wait a minute and think about the cost of that dinner in relationship to your job. If you have a job that pays you $20.00 per hour that meal just cost you seven and a half hours of pay! Almost 1 full days’ wages! Now do you really think it's worth it or its’ money well spent? Probably not, but this is why Americans are more willing to part with their money. If we were to think of things and compare them to work hours, we would not own too much of anything.

Look. You make $10.00 per hour. If you buy a house for $150,000 and take out a 30 year loan, you would have paid the mortgage company or bank $300,000 after 30 years. It's a lot more but I'm being simplistic for the purposes of illustration. You need to work 30,000 hours to pay off the amount of the mortgage. You have just worked 3,750 eight hour days to make this happen or in other terms 10 years, three and one half months. One third of your work life just to pay off the house you live in, and now you need a loan for the major remodeling but retirement is looming near. It never ends, but fortunately for you, this page and my story does.
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