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We are revising some of the site, so be patient of things overlap.

Where does one begin when creating a family web site? Some items over lap topics and you don't want to repeat the same things over and over again but we will try to do our best to keep things interesting.

Mario and Gladys originally met in 1977 in Chicago, Illinois when he went there to work a summer job at a relatives' business. While there he attended the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church where Gladys' family were also members.

The dating opportunities were there and honestly Mario did go on quite a few dates with the local church gals but one day, the relative said to Mario, "Why don't you call Gladys? She's a nice girl and I think that she would go out with you."

"Sure!" What else would you say? Mario did see her in church and she was a very attractive young lady with what we shall refer to as positive attributes. So he gave Mario her telephone number and he called and asked her out for ice cream. Naturally she said no. What else would she say? This happened a few times and Mario kind of gave up on calling thinking that there was no interest there.

What Mario, who was 18 years old at the time didn't know was that Gladys was 14. She looked much older for her age, but time moves forward and then they would meet again at summer camp over a few years.

Things picked up again when they were a bit older and the rest shall we say "Is history!"

Mario and Gladys were married at the Ukrainian Evangelical Assemblies of God Church in Union, NJ on March 27, 1988. The wedding was performed by Rev. Leon Kuc, her uncle and officiated by Rev. George Dawidiuk, Pastor of the UEAG Church.

The Maid of Honor was Gladys' sister Lily Kuc (now married) and the Best Man was Richard Romualdo, Mario's youngest brother.

In addition to flower girl Jenny Musechuk and ring bearer Jimmy Musechuk the Bridesmaids included Leane Jacenko, Laura Kuc, Ruth Geshke, and Merilande Ghensev and the Groomsmen included Newton Romualdo, Edward Lucyk, Daniel Chomik and Ronald Lucyk. (Some of the names have changed due to marriages).

For those who may be nostalgic about these things the songs used in the ceremony were "Somewhere in Time" the theme from the motion picture with the same name, and "Together as One" by Stryper.

The wedding reception was held at The Pantagis Renaissance in Scotch Plains, NJ. Opa Opa!

They honeymooned in Honolulu, Hawaii on Waikiki Beach and also on the island of Maui. During their stay in Hawaii, they took a side trip to the Big Island, Hawaii. They flew aboard the Aloha Airlines airliner named Queen Liliuokalani (N73711) which on April 28, 1988 (less than a month later) left Hilo for Honolulu with a crew of 5 and 65 passengers. The plane was flying at 24,000 feet when
it suffered a tragic midair accident where the roof of the aircraft tore away from the aircraft. The plane landed on Maui safely however there was a loss of a flight attendant who was sucked out over the Pacific Ocean.

The Romualdo's first resided in Maplewood, NJ (which was Mario's hometown) for almost six years, and then purchased a house and moved to Livingston, NJ in early 1994. They still reside today and are active within the local community and in the Boy Scouts.

That was the start, now we hope that we can provide you with a healthy variety of things, both serious and silly, and we are sure that we have accomplished this or at the least have come very close.

This site focuses on our family life, and interests and is specific to us as a family and we hope to share a little bit of our family with you -- you know, the boring things which make our lives what they are.

The Internet is growing at a quick pace and we intend on remaining in the vanguard of this growth, both personally and with our other various enterprises. This is one reason we have placed this site, along with several others on the web.

While we appreciate the fact that we live in a world shared with extremely diverse individuals and groups, and that there are many cultures, religions, political views, businesses, and so forth out there, so it is our intention to share what we believe in and what our opinions are. Our intent is to express our views, and our
thoughts, even if that offends some. It's funny how some people do not care if they offend you but are outraged when you happen to offend them. If something offends you, well too bad. This is our site and we believe that we can say whatever we want so likewise this is our opinion on this matter.

We are not ashamed of what we believe, nor are we intimidated nor offended by those with alternative views and opinions. Everyone, regardless of those views, has an innate knowledge of right and wrong, and since this is our site, we are 100% right!

We believe in God, country, and family. There is nothing wrong with that. These are what we believe to be true American and family values. We believe in morals and Biblical principles. There is nothing bad with knowing right from wrong and pointing it out to those who see no difference in both.

The world is most likely now living in the end times. Look around you. Wars and rumors of wars. Famine and pestilence. Earthquakes in diverse places. The kooks of our society removing God from the public square, American history and tradition. Why? Because Christians do not have the will or fortitude, or dare I say the "balls" to stand up to them. What is good is thought of as bad and what is
evil is perceived as good. The church itself has been infiltrated by these agents of evil and some denominations in our view as now apostate by allowing sin to enter and rule the church. Yes God loves everyone, but under His rules. Man cannot change them and now the day of the church is about to end, and it is the everyday man and woman who must maintain and spread the Gospel, or good news
of salvation.

This is who we are, and who we shall remain. Some like it. Some
don't. So what?

Again, we want to thank you for visiting the Romualdo Family Internet Site and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay.

If you wish to contact us, feel free use the e-mail hyperlinks provided on our contact page. It is recommended that you e-mail us rather than contacting us by mail since our Post Office Box address is mainly used for business purposes.

Have fun and let us know what you think!
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