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Gladys was born Gladys Miriam K. in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September, 1963.

She is the first daughter of Festik and Esperanza (name omitted), who currently reside in the State of Arizona.

Her family was originally from Russia and they emigrated to Paraguay. Her immediate family then emigrated to Argentina, had two daughters, and decided to emigrate to the United States.

The family resided in Philadelphia, PA for a time and eventually relocated to the City of Chicago where Gladys grew up. Gladys graduated from Taft High School with honors and also graduated with a degree from Wright College. Gladys also completed additional studies at Seton Hall University.

Gladys has a sister named Lily, who is married to Jeffrey (name omitted). Lily has two children named Kyle (her son) and Rachel (her daughter). A third child, Lauren (her daughter), was called home to be with the Lord. The Family currently
resides in the State of Arizona.

Gladys is currently a Senior Manager in Risk Management and works in the Corporate Insurance Department of a Major financial corporation based in New Jersey and she has been employed there since May, 1988.

Her responsibility include verification of insurance compliance on capital equipment which is financed by her company such as ships, airliners, helicopters, manufacturing equipment, plants, railcars, barges and so on.

Gladys is a member of and sings on the church Worship Team. She is also a Sunday School teacher and has served as a greeter as well.

Gladys has expressed concerns about posting too much information on the Internet about herself, so more specific information will not be presented by her request.
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