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"The American dream lives - not only in the
hearts and minds of our own countrymen
but in the hearts and minds of millions of the
world’s people in both free and oppressed societies who look to us for leadership.

As long as that dream lives, as long as we continue to defend it, America has a future,
and all mankind has reason to hope."
Mario Romualdo Jr
Gladys Romualdo
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"As the root of everything that we’re trying
to accomplish is the belief that America has
a mission. We are a nation of freedom,
living under God, believing that all citizens
must have the opportunity to grow, create
wealth, and build a better life for those to

If we live up to those moral values, we can
keep the American dream alive for our
children and our grandchildren, and
America will remain mankind’s best hope."
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Republican National Committee
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Politics and Religion -- Two things that one is told should never be discussed with your friends or in public. Why not? First of all, a "friend" should be a friend regardless of your personal views or opinions. You enjoy their company or belong to a common group or church or your kids go to the same school and this is what makes you someone's friends.

An employer should hire you based upon his needs for an employee and your level of knowledge and skills as an employee. Sure, they may ask you but have no business in making an employment decision on you based upon who you vote for, or who you support, nor which church, clubs community and service organizations you are affiliated with.

By now you may have noticed that we are politically conservative and support the Republicans. Sure some of you reading this may probably dislike what you read but our decision to support the RNC is based upon logical thinking -- in a nutshell, they more represent what we believe, and are not busy trying to destroy America at every possible turn. Plus, they like God and think He is important to us as a nation.

Government is there to provide a limited role in our daily lives, yet it is often there in more ways than The Constitution enumerates. Common defense, interstate commerce, and mail delivery are the main purposes of government but lately those have been added to because some want to use government to control every aspect of your life.

Do you recall how the political left blasted the government for what they called "The failures of (Hurricane) Katrina" yet this same group believes that this same government can run the nations' health care system cheaper and better. How is that logical thinking?

Nationalized health care has not been successful in any of the nations that have it. The man who created the nationalized health care system in Canada was quoted as saying that "It did not work as we envisioned it" and warned Americans to reject any attempts to implement it here.

Why even the State of Hawaii, which is about as left as you can get and still be in the United States has halted their attempt at "government health care" after about seven months. It doesn't work!
Socialism has never worked yet the Democrats really believe that it is because the right bunch hasn't done it yet, which brings us to the big question that we have.

Why is it that Democrats and Liberals believe that they are superior to you? They know what's best for you. They are a tolerant bunch as long as you agree with them. To a Democrat, the term "Bi-partisan" means that you agree with them. They know better how to raise your children. They know how to spend your money. They believe that capital punishment (against the guilty) is murder, yet abortion (against the innocent) is not. They don't want you to own a gun. Why you cannot be trusted with one and it's not fair to the criminal that you should be able to protect yourself, family and property.

They know what is best for society and they believe that it is better to keep the best people down rather than try to raise the dummies up to a higher level. Bad schools are great because it gives them a larger voting base and that also includes convicted felons which have lost their right to vote, but not to Democrats.

You can't ask someone for ID to see if they can vote. What if they are dead? Or registered multiple times? It's not fair that they are vetted out. Why in Milwaukee when 7,000 more votes were cast than the population of the entire city, no one batted an eye. Voting machines are always rigged when Republican win, but when Democrats win, why they worked just peachy!
Why it's not fair that Johnny does better in Little League than Joey and the other kids that suck, so let's kick Johnny off the team. We don't need show offs. Let people do whatever they want. Define deviancy down. There is no black and white, hence everything is shades of gray.

And God? No way! We can't that! God is dead. We (or the State) are now God! Take Him out of the public square and Public Schools (which by the way was started by Christians and run by the local churches until the Libs came along and messed that all up) and replace Him with "ENVIRONMENTALISM."

Taxes? You don't pay enough for poor schools and uncontrolled spending. You're too greedy! Why repeal the "Death Tax?" You didn't earn that money and you should be grateful that we let you keep what you get to keep from your paycheck.

They proclaim belief in God, yet do everything possible to remove Him from our society. They believe in looking beyond your race, color, creed, sex, etc., but are always the first to point them out. They believe that everything wrong is right, and everything right is wrong.

They invite Boy Scouts to one of their political conventions and boo the boys who were carrying the flag of MY country on stage because they despise the views of the organization even though the courts sided with the Scouts. My they love the courts when wacky leftists policies are dreamed up but when something wholesome, just and moral comes along, that's bad, especially where it concerns the "Homosexual agenda" but we believe that this is just a rouse. The real reason they hate the Boy Scouts is because the Scouts teach SELF RELIANCE, Duty to God, Country, Family and Self. We can't have those values rampant in the land
now can we? We need people to depend on government.

They spit on Albany Police Officers in an honor guard procession, carrying the flag of MY COUNTRY at the New York State Democratic convention. The cops should have stopped, pulled the spitters out of their seats and given them a "wood shampoo" if you know what I mean.

They can't wait for the destruction of our land, while pretending to try to save it. Just look at our immigration policies that favor third world migration. Even wars. If a war is started by a Democrat, well it's justified. If it is a Republican then it's an unjustified war.

These are the Democrats. Can't trust them and never will. We believe that they are not what America is all about and we despise when they use the term "Take our country back." From who? We are all Americans but when you use a term like that, then this great country means nothing to you.

Some may disagree with these statements but people, the Bible tells us that "A tree is known by it's fruit." I know what I see and America under Democrat leadership is not the America we want to live in.

We know right from wrong and moral vs. immoral. We applaud success but encourage failure since without one, the other could not happen. We believe that we know better how to spend our money than does Trenton or Washington. We believe that our hard work should be rewarded and that the fruits of our labors
be handed down to our family, not taken away and given to those too lazy to try to better themselves.

No one has ever been hired by a poor person, yet there is this desire to punish the wealthy. Again, this makes no sense.

Most people we know are Conservative, even those who claim to be Liberals and Democrats. We have never had a Liberal or Democrat knock on our door and ask if all was well, or if we had enough to eat or if we had enough money to buy medication and take money out of their pocket and offer it to us for what we lacked, so why would anyone want to vote for those who do?

Voting is a serious matter so research the candidates and their positions before you do. Don't just accept the rhetoric.

Your influence counts, so use it!