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Aidan Romualdo, our first child was born at 10:14 AM on a Tuesday in June, 1997* at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey.

He was delivered by Dr. Neil Russo, assisted by the Chief of Obstetrics at SBMC, so as you can see his life began in very good hands. As an aside, when Aidan joined the Cub Scouts in 2003, Dr. Russo's twin boys who were born just prior to Aidan, were members of his Tiger Cub Den which was led by Mario, with Dr. Russo's wife Diane as one of the Assistant Den Leaders.

Aidan was always a very happy and always seemed to steal everyone's hearts. He would never let go of his pacifier and you would always see him laughing with it
in his mouth without holding it in place with his hands.

Aidan attended the Precious Care Learning Center (contact info on LINKS page) beginning at about 10 weeks of age until he was just over 4.

They were very good to Aidan and he did learn a lot during his stay with them. At 19 months, he surprised his mom by walking up to her and doing a rendition of
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" complete with hand gestures. Yep. Learned it while at PCLC.

Aidan was a very smart kid and at age 3 he could "read" (pick out specific numbers and letters), liked to use large words for a three year old and loved to sing songs, especially "Old MacDonald's Farm" and "Home on the Range."

Everyone we meet is amazed at his abilities, and are generally impressed by his good behavior.

Aidan as a small boy enjoyed the Toy Story movies, especially Woody and Buzz Lightyear. He likes Star Wars but his mom doesn't like that because she thinks his dad has influenced him in this area. Maybe his dad wants Aidan to be smart and is shaping his son for the future.

Arthur C. Clark wrote the novel "2001: A Space Odyssey" and years later during an interview, the interviewer asked Mr. Clark how he was able to capture so well what the future would look like especially in the area of space travel and exploration. Mr. Clark replied that he as an author did not envision the future, but in fact shaped it since everyone growing up and going into the field
would have these preconceived ideas already in their minds.

Aidan also enjoyed Bibleman and the Veggie Tales series. Larry-boy was his favorite Veggie Tales character. What are Veggie Tales? "Saturday morning fun with Sunday morning values!" Check out their web site (listed below) and
support their efforts by purchasing some of their materials. This is a testimonial endorsement. We have no business nor personal relationship with Good Ideas, the creators of the series. He also likes watching the various cartoon stations on TV, however his parents keep a close eye on what he watches. The other things he likes would be too numerous to list, so we won't bore you with them all.

After leaving Precious Care Learning Center, Aidan attended the Livingston's Little Learners until starting Public School in 2002.

Aidan attended the Amos W. Harrison Elementary School in Livingston, NJ from September, 2002 through June, 2008. The mascot was the Hawk and the colors were Blue and Gold.

His teachers during this time were:

Kindergarten -- Miss Gullo
First Grade -- Mrs Law
Second Grade -- Miss Duddy
Third Grade -- Miss Bahadur
Forth Grade -- Mrs Craig
Fifth Grade -- Mrs Barr

It should be noted that the US Department of Education has rated Harrison School and Livingston High School as being in the TOP TEN in the state and in the nation (2008).

Aidan attended Grade 6 at Mt. Pleasant Middle School.
Aidan attended Grade 8 at Heritage Middle School.

Aidan has attended various activities at the Y.M.C.A. and is a very good swimmer. He enjoys the beach, and the town pool, played Soccer and Little League Softball. He was also a member of Cub Scout Pack 16 at St. Philomena's Church in Livingston, where he started as a Tiger Cub and graduated Arrow of Light.
He is now a member of Boy Scout Troop 16 and at the time of this update holds the rank of Life Scout, planning his Eagle Scout project.

Aidan is currently active in Sunday School at church. He knows how to play trumpet and played in the school band. He has learned how to play keyboard instruments and also guitar and even has a mandolin. He an avid video game player.

He is a Junior at Livingston High School and will be graduating in 2015.
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* Aidan's birthdate was removed in order to avoid identity theft. This also applies to his middle name.