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At the current time, Mario is working on starting a national business. Details need to be omitted in order to preserve the business model so at this time it would not be prudent to discuss aspects of the new enterprise.

Mario is currently retired due to a serious health issue. He was employed by the United States Postal Service and had been since 1992 when he began work as
a casual employee. In 1994 he received an appointment and began work as a career employee in the Northern New Jersey District as a Letter Carrier (CC1). It is a good job that pays well and thank goodness for the Cost of Living adjustments. Mario is technically still a Federal Employee assigned to the Postal Service however is unable to work.

From 1994 to 1997 he was a "Part Time Flexible" employee and he became a regular employee in 1997 as served as a "Letter Carrier Technician", or "T-6" until November, 2002. A T-6 is better known as a "Floater" or the regular substitute Carrier on a route when the regular carrier has their day off. A T-6 is responsible for five routes on a rotating basis and the group of 6 employees
make up a "Tour" which allows for rotating days off.

In November, 2002 he received an appointment to "City Letter Carrier" and was assigned to one specific route to service daily. It was located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city where he worked and when it opened up and he
took the opportunity to bid for it since it was one of the five on his floating tour. His route is one of the best in his office and is one of the heaviest volume route there as well and Mario sees most of his customers as family, after all he
does visit them every day. The exceptions are of course a couple of knuckleheads and they know who they are.

Mario has also been trained in accident investigation and is a certified Federal Accident Investigator with the USPS. Mario has also had the opportunity to serve as an Acting Supervisor of Customer Service in both Delivery Operations
and Mail Processing. At one point he was assigned to serve as Acting Postmaster for a week and a half which began on the very day of his 40th birth date.

Mario decided to remain where he was and did not to move into management because at that point in his career, there was no financial incentive to make such a move. More aggravation for the same base pay makes no sense. This
may be an open issue because physically the job became more demanding as he got older. He was a member in good standing of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) which is an affiliated union of the AFL/CIO. He was active until his retirement.

In addition to his career, Mario was kept busy with various business ventures, Religious, Political and other activities which included the Boy Scouts of America where he served on the Council, District and local unit levels. More information
about his Scouting career can be found on his Scout site.

As for Church, Mario no longer serves in church as a Greeter. Our church considers ministry important, however there are many more members in the church that have no jobs (better stated - want no jobs), and since he is busy
with external ministries, he felt that it made no sense to overburden some while others warm the pews. The Kingdom of God cannot be advanced if soldiers are busy acting as workers while the slackers just sit around. (Just an opinion).
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Gladys is employed by a very large financial corporation based in New Jersey (although they have a corporate office in New York City) that provides lease financing for other large corporations and major commercial interests and small businesses since 1988.

She was promoted to Vice President, Law and Corporate Insurance and is experienced in risk management - as opposed to health or liability. Her
specific responsibilities include review and verification of insurance policies, to ensure that they meet the institutions' requirements and to protect her company's
interests in leased equipment such as ships, aircraft and other capital equipment.

She also develops and recommends policies and procedures.

Customers of this company don't purchase cars. They purchase aircraft, large construction equipment, ships, and so on. Other projects are also financed by the corporation which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company has been owned by various other entities and has always been a strong player in the financial industry. At her request, the company is not named.

Gladys also serves in church as a worship singer and has served as a Sunday School (Christian Education) teacher and worked with the preschoolers.
Aidan is a great kid and always makes his parents proud. He is very intelligent and is resourceful. He is a talented artist and enjoys his many video games.

Aidan is currently involved in his secondary education and attends the eleventh grade at Livingston High School in Livingston, NJ.

Previously, he attended Heritage Middle School (7th & 8th Grade), Mt. Pleasant Middle School (6th Grade) and Amos A. Harrison Elementry School (K-5th Grade) also in Livingston, NJ. It should be noted that Harrison and Livingston High School were both named in the top 10 percent of schools in the United States so for anyone interested as to when we may be moving to Arizona, it will be after Aidan graduates High School (maybe).

He generally does well however the school district places a great deal of emphasis on doing better so unfortunately when he gets a "B" on something, it's "not
good enough."

Aidan loves science and art, in which he does well but finds the other subjects 'boring" but that's how kids go through school.

In Elementary school he often brought home impressive report cards but now that he is in High School, it's "Welcome to the real world" moment.

Aidan (at this writing) is now a Life Scout and is working toward his Eagle Scout rank. Less than 4% of boys in the Scouting program achieve that rank.

His Scouting adventure began in First Grade. Tiger Scout was the beginning and he earned his Tiger Badge, Recruiter strip and three Belt Loops. Then he earned his Bobcat Badge.

Next came Wolf Scout and he earned his Wolf Badge along with one gold and 5 silver arrow points, and the Outdoor Activity Award. He also earned 6 belt loops.

As a Bear Scout, he earned his Bear Badge, Religious Emblem (God and Me)
Award and can wear a Youth Religious Emblems square knot on his uniform. Belt loops? Forget it! Too many for recollection to properly list them here. He also earned one gold and two silver arrow points.

Aidan went on to complete the Webelos I and Webelos II and earned the Arrow of Light. Aidan enjoyed being a Cub Scout and especially liked going on camping trips with his dad who was a Scout Leader in the Pack that Aidan was involved with.

While some things that he learns are reinforced, others must be clarified, for example the term "That's not fair" often came up until one day Mario sat him down and give Aidan a "FACT OF LIFE." Mario told him, "Son, life is not fair and the sooner you learn that the better off you'll be." Whenever the term "That's
not fair" comes up, I ask him about life. Guess what his reply is?

Aidan loves to go to Sunday School and is very knowledgeable in the Biblical stories. At a young age, he professed his love for God. He knows the plan of Salvation and even prays without having to be prodded. When Robin Rogers who is a Missionary with New Wine Ministries visited our church, God revealed to her
that Aidan is like a sail boat and Jesus is at the helm. What more
can any parent ask for?

What's next? College...