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We have plenty to say about events and news of the day.

It is truly appalling what has been done to the American education system. A study once concluded that if an outside influence did what was done to our education system, that it would be an act of war. Even during everyday contact with friends, we can see that many of them are totally ignorant of things around them.

One example was a comment by a friend which stated that all of the problems in the world are because of Israel. I bit my lip as not to offend this person, however his opinion has been influenced on what the Liberal media says, and not what was based on reality.

The Jews are God's chosen people which is what makes them the favorite target of Satan. As a Christian, it is my duty and obligation to help the Jewish people. Why Christians do not share this opinion baffles the mind.

American Jews also have this obsession with voting for Democrats who just happen to support the Arabs more than Jews. Why is this? Three initials -- FDR.

They wrongly believe that Franklin D. Roosevelt saved them from the Nazis when in fact it was the Soviet Red Army that captured Berlin during World War II.

FDR as a matter of historical fact sent a ship called the St. Louis back to Germany. He would not allow the passengers who were all Jews escaping the Nazis to dock in the United States. All of those Jews were sent to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp never to be seen again, so why this fascination with FDR?

Republicans have always treated the Jews better but the Jews never acknowledge this fact. President Richard Nixon, who many will argue was an avid anti-Semite saved Israel in 1973 by sending them weapons and ammunition during the Yom Kipper war. This was an action that was preordained by God many years earlier.

As a child raised in the Quaker tradition, he read the Bible every day and one day, his mother, in what is now seen as a prophetic vision, told Nixon that one day God would place him in an unique position of authority and that he would save the Jewish people from destruction.

Nixon was embroiled in the middle of the Watergate scandal and he was not supposed to take any actions without the knowledge and approval of senior administration officials, however when Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir called him begging for military aid, he recalled in his auto biography that he heard the voice of his mother and recalled her prophetic words and immediately ordered the US military to begin airlifting military supplies to the nation of Israel.

"What ever Israel wants, Israel gets." was his order and within 24 hours the first Air Force cargo plane landed at Tel Aviv, and turned the course of the war and saving the Jewish people.

Only God could make something like this possible. A President under threat of possible impeachment with limited authority because of a scandal, risking it all by taking an action without pre approval to save Gods' chosen people.

Knowing that Republicans time after time have done much more than the Democrats to help and support Israel, it boggles the mind that yet they vote for the Democrats time and time again. Jimmy Carter, who is supposedly a Christian man always sided with the Arabs at the expense of the Jews. You would figure that maybe they are either blind or a self hating people.

I personally blame Jimmy Carter for the surge in Islamic radicalism today because of his inaction in 1979 when the Iranians took over the US Embassy. He did nothing. The right answer would be to give the Iranians 24 hours to release our Embassy staff, or face 24 hour bombing of Tehran until they were freed. The only thing these people understand is superior force and that is what Carter avoided.
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