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One of the problems that we seem to run into when designing a web site like this one is that there are many things that are covered however happen to overlap into other areas. Rather than being redundant, this page will generally be limited to a few things that may have not otherwise been covered elsewhere
on this web site.

If you have visited our Politics Page already you would see that we are politically conservative and being conservative we know that politically we understand the world and reality probably better than most Liberals. Is that a putdown? Maybe but most Liberals that we run across usually just repeat the same old tired mantra and even if you provide a better argument to an issue they will not admit it and usually resort to name calling.

In order to maintain our knowledge base we love to listen to Talk Radio, among other things, because it helps to keep you thinking logically. The particular radio programs listed below are some of our favorites.

They don't tell us what to think or believe but basically reinforce what our beliefs are, Mario and Gladys have actually met Rush Limbaugh in person and were present in the studio during the taping of one of his television shows when they were on air back in the day.

Mario uses what he learns to fight the good fight and it works every time that it's tried. For example, he finds what Liberals have to say to be really amusing (and in some cases dangerous) and he tells them so which usually gets them upset and start the personal attacks. Why is it that Liberals always attack you personally when they cannot win an argument based on their beliefs on the issues? Hummmmmm?

Mario once commented that the Liberal posters on a blog had a mental disorder which is a personal attack but not really since he believes that most Liberals have that. Some guy who claimed to be a psychiatrist challenged Mario in an email to prove the ascertain. Mario then emailed him back the points which he considered to be proof and the reply went something like this... "Well, I agree with what you said, but it doesn't change my mind." Okay, so Mario was right, but so what? Does that seem logical to you?

He also challenges editorial opinions in the local town paper. The whackos and loonies manage to come out of the woodwork and have no clue as to what they are arguing. Take the nut that attacked him personally because of his "views" and not on the issues. She called him some very nasty names, (which is normal for kook Liberals) however when we did a Google search on they, they did not exist.
So we have noticed that we have an extensive and impressive Internet presence and the only presence she had was a snip about one of her family members who was an attorney and was being disciplined for misconduct by the New Jersey State Bar Association.

In a way, this was a good thing because Mario began a Political Action Organization which he uses to "fight the kooks." He's just tired of the Anti-Christian and Anti-American rhetoric and uses his influence very effectively.

Some of our favorite radio programs..: Their web sites...:
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Formerly the Art Bell Show -
Lots of interesting "out of the norm" subject matter.
We enjoy science fiction films and television series like Star-Trek and Stargate-SG1 for starters. We strongly believe that all of these shows,
which by the way are 90 percent fact, have the potential to shape the

Arthur C. Clark, author of "2001: A Space Odyessy" was once asked
during an interview about how he was able to forsee the future with
such precision. His reply to the question was that he did not really
forsee the future, but instead was the factor that helped shape it.

Think about it! People read his works, saw the movies made from
his books and put those ideas into practice by designing our space
craft and just about everything else.

Even James Bond has this quality. The "Jet Ski" was first seen in
a James Bond movie long before it was actually manufactured.