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This page may eventually need further updating in the future however we have provided some important information or highlights here until we can further compile or confirm any additional data.

Looking at the surname ROMUALDO, it appears to be and we also believe it to be of early Italian or most likely Roman (Latin) origin. This fact has been historically confirmed by research.

From information passed down from generations ago, we can confirm that the original Romualdo ancestor who wound up in Brazil (Mario's great, great, great, great grandfather) was in fact Dutch, and was a part of the colonialism period in South America of the early 1600's by the great European powers of the time. With this fact being presented, the Romualdo family can confidently claim that we have had a presence in the Americas for over 400 years.

History tells us that the great European powers colonized vast areas of Central and South America. The Portuguese made an alliance with the native Indians of Brazil and managed to expel the other powers from the country however pockets of colonists remained in areas throughout Brazil and many still reside there today.

Mario's paternal grandmother immigrated to Brazil from Portugal where she married his grandfather with the Dutch heritage, and Mario Romualdo, Sr. was one of several children born to them.

Mario's maternal grandparents immigrated to Brazil from the Ukraine
because of the war in Europe.

Gladys's grandparents both paternal and maternal were of Ukrainian descent as well and immigrated to Paraguay also because of the war. Eventually the family emigrated from Paraguay to Argentina, then later to the United States.

Mario was born in Brazil and in 1964 at the age of five immigrated with his parents and his brother Newton to the United States. The family settled in New Jersey and resided in Irvington, Newark, Maplewood and New Providence.

Gladys was born in Argentina and immigrated to the United States with her parents and her sister Lily a few years later. They originally resided in Philadelphia, PA and later moved to Chicago, IL.

Mario and Gladys are both Americans by choice and have resided in
Livingston, New Jersey since 1994.
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